Herbal Teas

50g $29.95 – makes 50 cups
100g $45.95 – makes 100 cups

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To help reduce the symptoms associated with urinary tract infections, our blend of licorice, bearberry, cornsilk and couchgrass is a pleasant tasting tea to help soothe the urinary tract. It also can be taken daily to prevent cystitis from occurring.

This specially blended tea helps to balance blood pressure, promote healthy circulation and is packed full of antioxidants to keep you fit and healthy. Our combination of hawthorn berries, lemon balm and olive leaf will help calm the nervous system and maintain a strong and healthy heart.

Our blend of dried elecampane, hyssop, licorice and mullein helps open up the airways and make breathing easier. The perfect way to reduce mucous, help keep nasal passages open and relieve coughs, it can be taken hot or allowed to cool and used as a chilled cordial for children.

Herbal teas are safe and effective during pregnancy and a great way to boost your iron levels and nutrients. Our enriching blend of raspberry leaf, nettles, oats and peppermint will help strengthen the body and relieve nausea and fatigue.

Our blend of goat’s rue, fenugreek, fennel, nettle, licorice and holy thistle helps to maintain high quality milk supply and flow. It is packed full of nutrients to help recovery from birth and has herbs which will pass through the breast milk to help baby with digestion and reduce the likelihood of colic and reflux.

Rich meals, late nights and alcohol can all contribute to common health issues such as headaches, tiredness, skin conditions and allergies. Our combination of dandelion root, bupleurum, globe artichoke and milk thistle will help cleanse your body and keep your liver in good shape.