Helen holds herbal workshops and corporate events on Waiheke and around New Zealand teaching participants how to identify weeds, plants and flowers which have medicinal properties and how to use them to make digestive tonics, herbal creams and syrups, lip balms and natural cosmetics.Contact Herbal Health Waiheke to book.

wild-weed-walkHalf-day practical workshop starting with a ‘weed walk’ identifying and collecting herbs around beautiful Palm Beach on Waiheke Island. Learn how to make herbal tonics, creams and syrups. Course notes and recipes included. $95 per person.

atawhai-whenuaThe perfect introduction to discover the medicinal plants growing on Waiheke Island. This two-hour experience is suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Starting at Matiatia ferry terminal we explore Atawhai Whenua reserve and finish in Oneroa, the main village on Waiheke Island. $95 per person.

“The act of distillation is the process or art whereby the invisible is made visible.”

Learn how easy it is to produce your very own essential oils and hydrosols at home with this afternoon workshop.It will be hands-on, interactive and fun working with the plants that grow around the island and we will finish by making our own glossy lip balm, luxurious facial serum and a soothing clay face mask. Includes: all ingredients, notes and recipes, plus you get to take home the three products you make on the day. $95 per person.

garden-detectiveInvite Herbal Health Waiheke into your back yard to discover the medicinal plants growing around you. Included is a naturopathic consultation and in-depth report to help you plant a healing garden tailored to your family’s needs. $85 per tour.

spice-up-your-lifeHerbs and spices have long been used in culinary cuisines around the world, and they also have their place in nutritional health and wellbeing. They contain thousands of healthy phytonutrient compounds including antioxidants which are powerhourses in treating inflammation and chronic disease.

Discover the secrets behind authentic Indian Cooking and learn the art of roasting and grinding herbs and spices with this half-day workshop. Take home full course notes and recipes plus the food you make on the day: Authentic Roasted Garam Masala, Sri Lankan Coconut Chutney, Fluffy Yellow Turmeric Rice, Kiwi/Indian Fusion Dish using traditional Maori herbs. $125 per person.

childrens-partiesKids will love these one-hour party workshops. ‘Let’s Make’ includes glittery lip balms, real wild superheroes, fizzy bath bombs, bush fairies, herbal tiaras and princess perfumes. $30 per child.

bridal-partiesSip a chilled glass of champagne and taste our
tempting array of antipasti, while you create a unique set of skin, body and spa care products. Helen will guide, demonstrate and explain the ‘how to’ of using herbs, aromatic flowers and essential oils to make luscious lip balms, fizzy bath bombs, body scrubs and face masks in the privacy of your holiday accommodation. Custom packages available to suit all tastes.