Herbal Tonics

Choose from our range of liquid herbal tonics or contact us to have one created specifically for you from our comprehensive herbal dispensary.

100mls $50 – 10 day supply
200mls $75 – 3 week supply
500mls $160 – 7 week supply

Contact Herbal Health Waiheke to order.

Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures…but a lot of us don’t get enough. Our Sleep Potion is designed to relax the nervous system and promote a restful sleep without feeling sluggish in the morning. For a natural night’s sleep try our blend of passionflower, licorice, rehmannia and valerian to help you catch your Zzz’s.

Our NRG Tonic is designed to give you a natural energy boost, lift the mood and provide stamina and resistance to help you get through your day. Nourishing herbs such as rhodiola, licorice, oats and withania work together to keep you vibrant and prevent the mid-afternoon slump.

Keeping the family healthy throughout the year and protected against colds, flu, coughs and viruses is important. Flu Defence is designed to build your immunity and provide resistance against infection. Flu-busting herbs such as echinacea, astragalus, olive leaf and andrographis provides protection for the whole family and is the perfect tonic to keep in the bathroom cabinet when sniffles strike.

Trapped wind, cramps, bloating and indigestion can make meal-times a worry but our herbal formula Digestaid helps soothe the digestive tract and relieve the pain and discomfort of indigestion while boosting the absorption of nutrients. Herbal extracts of gentian, chamomile, fennel, ginger and licorice are pleasant tasting and suitable for children and adults.