We Love Our Mums….

Mother’s Day is a time for partners and children alike to stop and give thanks to their Mums. It is a day to celebrate motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world and in New Zealand it falls on the second Sunday in May. If you haven’t been reminded, that’s this Sunday!

In most countries, Mother’s Day is a recent observance derived from the holiday which first started in America with the Mother’s Day Proclamation in 1870. This was a call for women to join in support of disarmament by Julia Ward Howe who believed women had the responsibility to shape their societies at a political level.

When it was adopted by other countries and cultures, it was given different meanings, associated to different events (religious, historical or legendary), and celebrated on a different date or dates. In New Zealand, most Mother’s can expect breakfast in bed, flowers, hand-written cards or expensive perfumes or cosmetics.

For all of the New Zealand can-do people who like to save money, it’s easy to make beauty products to green up your Mum’s life and keep harmful chemicals off of her skin.

Although beauty products don’t have to list their ingredients, they often contain pthalates, formaldehyde, parabens and other chemicals that have been shown to harm animals in labratory tests, and which are being phased out in Europe in favor of less toxic alternatives.

Homemade creams, lip balms, face masks, soaps and other products can be just as luxurious and fragrant as their commercial counterparts while avoiding artificial chemicals and the expensive packaging.

If you care about what your Mum puts on her skin, making your own lip gloss is the perfect solution to save money and get a gorgeous pout.

All you need is beeswax, almond oil and cocoa butter, which you can through natural health care practitioners and in specialist health food stores around the country.

Melt two tablespoons of both beeswax and cocoa butter in a double boiler – just in the same way you would melt chocolate – and then add 100mls of almond and stir until dissolved. This will make enough lip balm to last the rest of the year. Pour into jars and allow to cool.

If you want a cream-like consistency add less beeswax and if you want a thicker wax-like lip balm, add more beeswax. Get creative and add flavours and colours to make your the perfect Mother’s Day present.