Break The Fast

As much as we try to eat a solid breakfast every morning, especially now with our normal routines out the window, it never seems to happen on a consistent basis.

A perfect weekday (whatever day) breakfast is oats because it can be made in a snap and topped with a never-ending variety of additions like brown sugar, honey, dried fruit, nuts, and berries.

The bonus is that oats are good for you! They contain a specific type of fibre known as beta-glucan which is proven to lower cholesterol levels and have beneficial effects in balancing blood sugar levels common in Type 2 diabetes.

Raw oats hold their texture and shape, even after being cooked and stored for several days, making them the perfect target for ‘grab-from-the-fridge’ breakfasts.

On the weekend, bring two cups of oats to the boil with one cup of water and a pinch of salt. As soon as they come to a boil, take the pan of the heat and let it sit overnight. As you sleep, the oats will soak up the liquid and soften just enough.

In the morning, spoon the mixture in recycled jam jars, filling them halfway. Pop the lid on and store in the fridge. Make sure you have enough for the whole family!

When you’re ready to eat breakfast, just remove the lid of the jar, add a splash of milk or cream and microwave for 1-2 minutes or until heated through. Top with your favourite fruit or nuts and you’re good to go.

And how to avoid the caffeine fix? It’s easy to make your own energy drink to give you a pickup and help keep you alert and focused. Pop two green tea bags into a pot of tea, fill with hot water and steep for fifteen minutes. Take the teabags out and allow the tea to cool. This can be done overnight as well.

Combine the tea with equal parts of fresh orange juice or soda water, add a few sprigs of stimulating fresh mint and ice cubes for a natural energy buzz.