Should’ve gone to…..

When your GST bill seems incredibly large because you haven’t spotted the decimal point in the right place, when your neighbours congratulate you on all of the new plums on your plum tree which, when you squint, you still can’t see them (but pretend you do) and when you get separation anxiety when you leave your glasses at home when out at the supermarket, you should have gone to…… that place in town to get your peepers polished with a new pair of expensive glasses.

This fantastic eye chart – with a positive version on one side and negative on the other – is the work of German optometrist and American Optometric Association member George Mayerle, who was working in San Francisco at end of the nineteenth century, just when optometry was beginning to become a professional organisation.

The chart was a culmination of his many years of practice and, according to Mayerle, its distinctive international angle served also to reflect the diversity and immigration which lay at the heart of the city in which he worked. At the time it was advertised as “the only chart published that can be used by people of any nationality”. 

Good eye health requires antioxidant nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E or beta carotene. A healthy and varied diet including nuts and seeds, eggs and oysters will boost your zinc levels.

Fresh fruit such as berries, citrus and tomatoes along with green leafy vegetables can increase vitamin C in the body. And, of course, carrots are known for their ability to enhance vision as they are packed with beta carotene, which helps protect the lens in our eyes.

The aptly named herb, eyebright, can be used to promote healthy eyes especially when there is any sign of infection or irritation. Taken internally, eyebright can help relieve tired eyes and have you looking and feeling your best.

In all cases of poor vision and eye health, bilberry acts as a powerful antioxidant helping tired eyes, boosting vision and protecting the tiny veins in the eye.

Bilberry is a close cousin to the blueberry, famed for its healing qualities. During World War II the story of pilots consuming bilberry jam to sharpen their vision for night missions added popularity to science.

Our eyes have the huge responsibility of allowing us to see an amazing array of sights, colours and shapes, but it is easy to take our sight for granted.

Support eyesight and vision with healthy nutrients, foods and herbs and make sure the windows of the soul remain clear, bright and sparkling.